Taking casinos pictures of Nederlandse speelautomaten


As you know I am a photographer and I like to take pictures of everything. So when I was asked to take pictures of Nederlandse speelautomaten, I became enthusiastic immediately. I love casinos, like most people and don’t mind making money while there. By the way, Nederlandse speelautomaten means Dutch slot machines. And I have to be honest, these are the best slot machines that you can find in a casino. It seems like these companies just have that extra special casino touch. Which I have tried to capture in my pictures. Let me tell you more about these slot machine providers.

Gierig Casino slot machines

Funny about the company called Gierig Casino is the name that means greedy. And obviously casinos are known for being greedy, in a way that they don’t want to give anything away. After all, the house always wins and only very few people win enough money to retire in a casino. But the funniest part about this slot machine, or Nederlandse speelautomaten, provider is that it is anything but greedy. Gierig Casino has made the free spins, even the no deposit free spins, very cheap for casinos, in order to get people to play their games for free. This is a marketing tool which they hope will lead to players continuing to play their games, even after the bonus ends.

Picture worthy casino games

As with everything, not all Nederlandse speelautomaten are interesting or picture worthy enough. So I picked the casino games that I liked most to put in the spotlight. First of all, there’s a game called Need for greed. This game revolves around a character that seems a bit like Scrooge McDuck riding a motorcycle. Which is already funny on its own, especially combined with the name. But if you see the bonus round, you’ll be amazed. And the greatest part about it is that I got to picture it with a real live character and motorcycle that looked exactly like the version in the slot machine. It was like a childhood dream come true. Another slot machine that I found noteworthy was Money Honey. In this game a very pretty lady, with a perfect body, holds up her hand to a much older man, looking for cash. This obviously works well into the golddigger theme that is very relevant at the moment. I also got to shoot this slot machine with real life people looking exactly like the slot machine characters, which made my job that much more interesting. Finally, I got to shoot a game called The Laundromat. This, as you can imagine, is about money laundering and it led to some very interesting photo ideas by the entire crew. The results are very funny and appealing, at least in my opinion. You will be able to see them soon in a casino advertisement. As long as the casino offers games by Gierig Casino.

Nice casino bonus

Besides getting a pay cheque that wasn’t bad at all, Gierig Casino also offered me a voucher with 15 free spins for all of their Nederlandse speelautomaten. Of course I was very happy with it and started playing right away. So far I have only tried 6 of the 45 games that they offer in total, but I am slowly reaching the end after which I’ll tell you my favourite.

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