Series about happy people

The other day I got an amazing assignment from Happy Pigeon Casino. This revolved around picturing happy people. And of course their happiness had to do with the casino. Some had just discovered that they had won a jackpot, others were playing a table game like roulette for the first time. I always love to see people happy, so I couldn’t be more excited about this new job. The only downside was that I had to do this casino related job during the Corona lockdown and therefore had to take pictures of the subjects playing in the HP Casino online through a webcam. So start now with playing online slots or in Dutch called gratis gokkasten.


First I want to tell you something about the amazing casino that provided me with an opportunity to do something that has never been done before. Nobody had ever done a session with players in an online casino from a distance before and I am honoured to be the first. I am also quite happy with the results, as is Happy Pigeon Casino. This casino, as the name suggests is focused on making its players happy and has a cheerful pigeon as a mascot. It’s animated and really cheers up the casino, as it is there to support the players through their entire casino experience. The most important part, however, is the game offer. Which is quite impressive. With over 1,500 games by over 40 providers, there isn’t an online casino game that’s missing from this casino. And players can enjoy these games more with the great bonuses that the casino offers. In case of any questions, players can always divert to the support team, that is very friendly and always ready to help. All in all, a great casino to start out with if you are thinking of becoming a player. You’ll even get a nice welcome bonus from the pigeon we all love.


For the first part, HP Casino had randomly asked players if they minded to be filmed while playing for promotional purposes. A lot of them didn’t mind, but after that came the tricky part. As casino games are completely random, you cannot have anyone win whenever you want. That’s why HP Casino decided to just give away monetary prizes to random participants through the casino. So while playing they’d get a pop up saying they had won a prize, ranging from €1.000 to €100.000. As you can imagine, the reactions were quite different between players.


When the time came to get the Blackjack winners on camera, the casino didn’t have to do much. As this is a casino game where players win all the time, it was just a matter of waiting and being ready while doing so. That’s also where I got some surprisingly good shots. But that might be because I had many opportunities to try out and adjust any settings that were necessary. Funny thing about seeing people win though, it made me want to try out an online casino as well.

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