Client Gallery

Peter de Jong

Peter de Jong took with interest the work of photography as his way of living and through this, he has come in contact with a lot of people including prominent and public figures. 

As a matter of fact, Peter opened his own Photoshop in the year 2015. The opening of the shop has earned Peter a sense of respect and a lot of attraction as far as customer services are concerned. Peter’s shop has a variety of photos on display encompassing all the relevant types that a customer may want. 

As much as people regard their privacy when it comes to public image, others have found no offense in allowing their photos to be used as display images for Peter’s works. Influential people have had to travel only to come and witness the great photography work done by Peter at his gallery. 

Peter’s works

A number of clients have a lot of envy about Peter’s works including a dairy company referred to as Arla. Arla provides a good outlay of product photography courtesy of Peter’s photography services. Ferrari is also another well-renowned company that has utilized the photograph services of Peter in marketing its products globally in the corporate photography sector. Amsterdam KPMG is another firm that has extended its hand of gratitude in Peter’s client gallery by providing for display its photos which were taken by Peter. Apart from the best-selling clients and the great deals that Peter has had to deal with, Peter’s great works have also been appreciated by other photographers who have gained key interest in learning Peter’s ways of doing photography work. SirJackpot as a team building event has broadly marketed Peter’s services to a greater extent. All the clients that have dealt with Peter have their own albums safely placed at Peter’s gallery and upon request, the albums are availed for any individual to view; this has earned him a lot of credit and confidence from other clients who are currently seeking out his services. 


Marketability as it has been the ultimate way of realizing many sales for a business has not been an issue to worry about by Peter in the recent years as he has already established his business so well that he no longer finds interests in saying that he is competing with anyone in the industry. The Netherlands office, Lego, is a beneficiary of the great work Peter performed in his earlier years before reaching the climax of his life goals. The client gallery as much as it holds many elemental portraits of Peter’s work as a center of attention it has also generated a lot of revenue for him to help him in accomplish various plans which he had set for himself. When dealing with client galleries, the signing of autographs is a common thing from any person who desires or likes the works of a certain individual. In his gallery, Peter daily records a number not less than a hundred signatures from sons and daughters of prominent people from all around the world; the number is bigger for a day if the local citizens among other people are included.

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