Peter is from Amsterdam in The Netherlands and is an originally self-taught photographer but as his career as a photographer started taking off he took several professional photography classes including one at Amsterdam University. Peter nowadays lives in Amsterdam but regularly travel around the world for his photography work. Peter is unmarried and without children. His biggest hobbies include fishing and photography.

Peter has remained dedicated to his work and encourages any person who feels like he/she has an interest or a pursuant urge in something he/she should stand grounds and make it count for his/her own best interests. “There are a lot of challenges in the journey of success, and no road is smooth enough for everyone to walk on”. 

Peter highlights

Against all odds, Peter highlights how good it feels to do something in which one uses less energy due to the augmenting passion and interest in what someone is doing. Peter has won many awards in the film industry as one of the best video-shooters in the world. Please klik hier voor meer 2020 gokkasten! Peter has donated to charity part of his fortune to help other brilliant minds in the film industry at various institutions to make the industry grow wider. 

Peter has made his services remotely available for anyone who might be willing to have door-to-door delivery of services. Availability remains an issue of primal concern when it comes to photography, a matter which Peter has banked on to meet the demands of his consumers. Peter has employed a number of people to help him in running his photography in and out of the field. The workers at Peter’s photo gallery shop have a culture of innovation where new ideas are incorporated to make the services executed by the firm be of high quality as much as possible.


Competence is another conjugal virtue in photography which Paugon has utilized in its provision of services. Photography is part of artwork and as art rules stipulate, every detail has a provisional meaning which should always be considered by the photographer.


Peter understands how the reservation of any fine detail in a photography work can impact on his business and, therefore, he takes it upon himself to ensure that his clients get the best of his services. 


Peter also creates job opportunities for people who are interested in photographic work and including anyone who thinks that he/she has a brilliant idea in the art field that can make his services to remain the ever best.

business partners

Business requires advice and incorporation of ideas from a number of individuals who have appeared as more proficient. Peter has interacted with many business partners and other people who have had prosperous working experiences in the art and photography industry. 

Peter’s encounter has made him acquire a vast of ideas to help him in running his business. Other prospective photographers have also sort for advice from Peter which he has not failed in providing; he, therefore, has organized for seminars to teach people the various exploitative ways through which photography can be made a more fun job.

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