I Am Paugon.
Paugon, the nickname of the Dutch photographer Peter de Jong.

The nickname was acquired while I was living in France, and this is my website, where I share what I know about photography.

Photography involves a lot of work, just the mere fact that someone stands right in front of you to pose for a photo is not something to be presumed easy. Taking photos involves a lot of precision, not to mention that we have to avoid highlighting any flaws while bringing out the best side in everything.

Different People

Different people have different reasons as to why they go for photo sessions; Peter has found it within himself to accommodate all the interests of his consumers and meet their demands.


Some of Peter’s clients include Mr Green (corporate event photography), Ferrari (launch event in Italy) and wedding on the luxury yacht casumo in Monaco.

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Are you already getting excited?
We strive to deliver the best possible photography to our customers. You have our guarantee that you will get exciting results from us!

World’s Iconic

Peter, therefore, is identified as one of the world’s iconic figures when it comes to photography. Peter has not only specialized in taking photos but also in shooting videos presiding over photo shoots.

designing frames

designing frames, and offering any imaging and photo service that might interest a client. Peter has, therefore, opened up a large space where he has put his works for people to appreciate.

Peter’s gallery

Peter’s gallery is a well-organized space that has albums among other photos of various individuals from across the world who saw it wise to maximize the utility of Peter’s photograph work.


The location of the gallery is very strategic in Amsterdam for easy access by anyone willing to make use of Peter’s services. The location is rather more straightforward not to require a map for one who is new in town.

Customers’ views

Customers’ views about the services offered by Peter have been collected at various levels to affirm the credibility of the services of anyone who might be interested in seeking Peter’s help in carrying out photography work. 

film industry

Establishment of partnerships with other influential parties in the film industry has also played a role in safeguarding Peter’s credibility interests in the global market. 

Photography services

Photography services offered by Peter are flexible and affordable rate as compared to other competitive firms in the market that have inflated their cost charged. Products found at Peter’s gallery are sold at subsidized prices than any other photo or art gallery in town. All the regulatory requirements set out by the film and music production regulatory board are met by the services Peter is offering to his clients. As such, Peter has devised a system that ensures all the new technological changes that take place in the industry do not leave him to lag behind at any cost. Peter lived almost his entire live in Thailand and learned how to play roulette (วิธีเล่นรูเล็ต), he used to do this very often online and when he won a huge amount, he decided to move back and start his own company which became a huge succes!

main gallery shop

Despite the main gallery shop, other branches of Peter’s collection have been established along the nine streets in Amsterdam. Contact details for accessibility of photography services by Peter are globally known and provided with the contact and working hours being from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 12 noon during weekends. The blending of services makes photography a fun activity are seen in Peter’s gallery, klik hier voor meer 2020 gokkasten. Tutoring among other learning lessons can also be organized upon request. Peter has the solutions to any photograph question or concern anybody has to raise on whichever platforms including the social media.
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