Photography Services


Peter’s work involves a lot of services as far as camera work is concerned. He takes wedding photos, family photos, corporate photos, product photography, and portrait photos. Wedding photography involves a lot of activities and facilities as they are taken at different locations, different days, and involve a lot of people whose interests also have to be taken care of despite the individuals wedding. Photo sessions for weddings are conducted before, during, and after the wedding, that is, during the pre-wedding, during the wedding, and during the honeymoon respectively. The photographer, therefore, is well prepared for a work of a great deal when called for wedding photos however time-consuming the work might be. The wedding of the daughter of the French President is one of the great deals which Peter had to deal with. A lot of importance is attached to any designated member of the society, a situation which makes it hard for a photographer to take up the job: but with Peter, this has become like a routine; having to deal with what other photographers view as the hardest tasks. In the line of business, one has to take risks which his/her competitors are not willing to take.

photography services

When it comes to photography services entailing family photos, Peter has made it a priority for himself to being available to whichever group of individuals who ask out for his services in spite of the social class. He accords a lot of patience when it comes to dealing with individuals from as low as family level. Despite the occasion, the photographer ensures that his work is done optimally well because a lot of importance is attached to the photos taken by the photographer. The Dutch Prime Minister and his family utilized the photography services of Peter during a time when they went on a vacation at the Vasco da Gama Pillar in the Coast.

Product photography which aims at promoting the sales of a particular product(s) is another service offered by Peter de Jong. Every detail set out by the seller to appear on a product photo is highlighted by the photographer to enhance brand recognition of the product before its consumers in the market.


Peter has been privileged to work at various companies where he designed the product photos. Most appreciative of his work was when he was called in to design the product logo of the macaroni cheese packet which has remained an outstanding worldwide food product.

Corporate photos

Corporate photos are well-designed individual(s) images that are used to show the significant role played by the stipulated individual(s) in a certain context. A corporate photo for an individual may involve the President of a country; Peter has been contacted on several accounts by the government of France on tenders involving the preparation and circulation of corporate photos of Amsterdam KPMG. 


Other corporate photos entail details about movies which bring out the urge to watch the movie just by viewing the cover image. Corporate photos constitute a large segment in the photography area as they involve a small group of individual(s) as less as one; these photos are often hung on walls to catch an individual’s attention. The photographs have specific sizes which they have to appear for them to fit a frame.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography aims at capturing a more defined personality of an individual just from a picture. Portrait photographs are quite expensive as they maximize on fine details to which the owner wants. Most movie covers utilize this type of photography, mostly Avengers movies which Peter has taken part in discharging in his line of service. 

Portrait photos differ from landscape photos in the way which they appear in the sense that portrait photos have longer lengths and shorter widths while landscape photos have shorter lengths and longer widths.

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